Ethics & Professional Responsibility

The National Council of Housing Market Analysts (NCHMA) was founded in recognition of consumer’s need for competent, unbiased advice, professional guidance, and sound judgment concerning real estate matters relating to the affordable housing and residential real estate markets. The chief aim of NCHMA is to maintain the public trust in the professional work conducted by its members and our Code of Ethics and the Standards of Professional Practice were developed with this in mind. The Code of Ethics addresses the following topics:

  1. Honesty & Integrity
    NCHMA is committed to maintaining the public trust through the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
  2. Confidentiality
    NCHMA analysts recognize the importance of safeguarding confidential information provided to them in the course of their work.
  3. Independence & Objectivity
    NCHMA recognizes that the public trust is maintained through independent, unbiased, objective opinions.
  4. Competency
    NCHMA analysts are committed to achieving the highest levels of competency.
  5. Professionalism
    NCHMA analysts always operate their businesses in an honest and professional manner.

If you have questions about NCHMA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice or would like to initiate a grievance against a NCHMA member please contact Thom Amdur at 202-939-1753 or Click here to download NCHMA’s Ethics Complaint Submission Form.

Click Here to Download NCHMA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice